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Download GoFTP FREE!
Free Version 2.1.85

So... How Free is Free?
...what's the catch?

The free version is fully functional and there are NO nag screens. The free version is free to all individuals, companies, and corporations with 50 employees or less. The free version adds advertising to web pages. Please read our TOS/License Agreement for more details.

High Speed, Friendly and FREE!

Multi-threaded FAST Uploads !

314% Faster than other multi-threaded FTP programs !

Supports encryption: SFTP - SSH2 and FTPS - SSL !

Ability to resume Uploads/Downloads

Fully Functional FREE Version with NO Nag screens!

Terms of Service / License Agreement

  1. GoFTP reserves the right to change its terms of service and license agreement at any time. All updates to the terms of service will be published on this page.
  2. GoFTP provides communication software on a best efforts basis. We work hard to make sure there are as few bugs as possible. However, you agree that you will not hold GoFTP responsible for data loss due to software bugs or improper use of the program.
  3. You agree to backup all data and programs before using GoFTP to transfer them.
  4. GoFTP can be used to transfer programs between different programs. GoFTP will do its best to convert text and other file types so they are usable on the new platform/OS. GoFTP may not always be able to do this properly.
  5. GoFTP uses various technologies to achieve fast transfer speeds including multi-threading and the use of multiple connections. Some websites do not allow multiple connections from a user. You must configure GoFTP to comply with these restrictions. Failure to do so may result in denied service. Check the terms of service of the FTP service you are connecting to for further details.
  6. You agree not to use GoFTP to transfer illegal data or programs. Check import and export restrictions when transferring data or programs between countries.
  7. GoFTP provides a free version of its software. You will never be asked to pay any money to use this program. It will remain free for as long as you use it. In such circumstances, you agree to allow GoFTP to include footer links to this website and/or its sponsors. GoFTP reserves the right to change this policy at any time.
  8. You agree all legal proceedings relating to GoFTP or its services or its subsiduaries will be held in the jurisdiction chosen by GoFTP or its subsiduaries.
  9. GoFTP now provides a questions and answers section. We do not represent the opinions and information provided as correct. The information you find on the Q and A section of our website is inputted by users. There is no gurantee the information is correct.
  10. Do not follow advice given in GoFTP answers unless you first consult a professional who is an expert in the area in concern.